The core of our services: auditing.

The audit of financial statements is the focus of our services. Our core competence lies in the annual audit and the audit of the consolidated financial statements. This applies for statutory audits in France (Commissariat aux Comptes) as well as for voluntary testings. In the range of auditing, we are also specialized in the care of subsidiaries of foreign groups in France.

Our long experience in France puts us in a position to write qualified judgments regardless of size of an enterprise and line of business. Thanks to their strong customer focus our auditors are also very familiar with the special problems and needs of the middle class and have special industry knowledge in many areas of medium-sized businesses.

Our auditors’ special service offering includes the conversion of annual accounts prepared in accordance with French standards into international standards IFRS/IAS or U.S. GAAP. Many years of experience allows our auditors to demonstrate our mandates the different “balance philosophies” in France and other countries.

The knowledge of the French economic environment makes our auditors also a competent partner in matters of corporate restructuring, corporate acquisitions or sales as well as in more complex situations as “Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A)” operations in France.