For German companies with a commitment in France, we offer a highly qualified, German-speaking service, which makes growth and success possible in this sometimes difficult foreign market.

Germany’s still largest export market is not always easy to understand. Complex administrative structures, differences in the administration of justice, tax and social legislation and a mentality that differs in many areas often represent obstacles that can stand in the way of a German company’s decisive success in France. This is especially true for the preparation for market entry, but also for the growth of already established companies.
We give you the decisive assistance here. Our employees have a deep knowledge of their respective specialty and many years of experience with the different mentalities and behaviors in Germany and France. Communication takes place in the language in which you, as our client, feel confident – either in German, French or English.
The trusting, personal conversation between COFFRA and you is the basis for loss-free communication and efficient cooperation. That is why the COFFRA team always has your personal, responsible contact person at your disposal, who will make your interests his own.

We will gladly answer your questions.