For more than 35 years COFFRA has been helping its customers to improve their operational and economic performance.

As a specialist for international medium-sized companies – and in particular for the investments of German companies based in France – COFFRA offers its experience, the professional and human qualities of its experts, as well as the complementary strengths of its various activities: Audits and business analyses, legal and tax advice, accounting and support, SAP services.

Today, COFFRA employs more than 170 people from 10 different countries and serves over 1200 clients in France and around the world.

Success in France begins with a relationship with the country and its people. We don’t just talk about it, we live it – German and French experience in one company.

This personal commitment has made COFFRA a successful consulting company. The company started in 1985; the consulting activities and the commitment to France of the founder and senior partner, Dr. Kurt Schlotthauer, began as early as 1972.

Our expertise ranges from tax issues in the complex French tax system to support in succession planning in the sale of companies.

Complex issues and trust in one’s counterpart can only arise from a personal relationship. To this day the basis of our success.

As a company we are large enough to solve even complex problems for you. But manageable enough that you have to concentrate on our conversation and not on the hierarchy.

COFFRA is a member of the Moore Network and is registered with the PCAOB.

Moore Network
More information on the MOORE Global Network can be found at https://www.moore-global.com/ an in the Brochure MOORE “Helping you thrive in a changing world”.

We look forward to getting to know you. Please feel free to call us or send us a message. We will gladly be at your disposal.

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