News: COVID-19

We would like to inform you that the professional of our group are on duty and are carrying out the current, upcoming work as agreed.

You can reach your contact persons at any time via the e-mail address you know. In addition, we are of course available to answer any questions arising in connection with the coronavirus epidemic and insofar as they fall within our area of expertise. 

Stay healthy and keep your distance!

Your COFFRA-Team

Further information for you about “Covid-19”

Coronavirus Financial Mesures, 02. April 2020: Support measures to accompany your business in France.

Brochure: „Coronavirus outbreak – the potential financial reporting implications for the year ended 31 December 2019“, Publisher: Moore Global Network Limited

Brochure: „COVID-19 and key business risks“, Publisher: Moore Global Network Limited

Please also read our Diagnostic News “Special” article on this topic:

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