If you want to operate as a company in the French market then at the beginning it looks like a vacation in Paris – French cultural life, good food and a relaxed environment.

But as soon as you have your own business in France the differences in the country that is so closed to us become visible – it is obviously so far away from your country’s working culture.

Instead of attitude to life you experience with your organization in France and the French authorities more frustration than joy! As a English-speaking accounting firm in Paris we help you to work more successfully as a foreign company in France. We facilitate the contact to the French tax authorities. We “interpret” for you and advise you on matters of your employees in your French subsidiary.

From 1985 we serve more than 500 companies on issues such as the classic balance sheet, such as the implementation of SAP in the French subsidiary and by our interim manager.

This allows these companies to concentrate on the most important goal: the distribution to French customers!

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